About Us

Your tour guide

Robert Owens has lived for fifteen years in Tucson. Is an avid historian and collector of strange stories. He has taken hundreds of guests on late night tours through the down town area. Active in the cultural and civic life of Tucson he is well versed in the current events as well as the history of the city.

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Your Destinations

Your tour begins outside the historic Rialto Theater next to World of Beer ending after a circuitous route at the Hotel Congress with several exciting stops along the way. One of Tucsons most famous and most haunted Hotels. The walking distance is roughly two miles at a relaxed pace with several stops where you will have an opportunity to sit. Because it is a walking tour we reccommend that you wear shoes you are comfortable walking in and bring water. There may be an opportunity to purchase water on the tour depending on the season, but even in the winter months Tucson is still a desert.

Your activities

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